Addressing the confusion about how gold is measured

Gold and other precious metals are measured by weight, by grams or ounces troy. Metal is traded on an open market against different national currencies and the price is contantly in flux.

Many people only know they need a certain number of dollars or euros worth of gold but don't relalise they can buy that much gold with any currency they have. It is not advisable to change one national (fiat) currency into another fiat currency to buy gold enough to be worth some number of dollars in that fiat currency. You should more simply buy the gold with the street currency you use in your country.

Nanaimo Gold is a Canadian exchanger serving people in many countries of the world. Even though customers can send several types of fiat currency to Nanaimo Gold, all acceptable payment methods cash out to Canadian dollars. To change CAD to USD or EUR to send to Nanaimo Gold just requires changing it back to CAD when paying out. You will get better economy by simply sending CAD.

The basic formula to figure out how many CAD to send to get so much USD worth of gold is thus:
(( USD value of gold needed / USD market price per weight ) X CAD market price of gold ) + commission = CAD value to spend.


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