Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) direct cash deposit

*Only in Canada
*Costs nothing extra
*Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) operates many branches across Canada.
*Cash deposit only.
   Paper money handed to the teller in person at a bank branch.
   No other method is allowed.
*No cheques. No on-line money transfers. No ACH deposits.
*Please, cash only.

After your order to buy digital currency through the Nanaimo
Gold website is approved, you will receive detailed information 
via e-mail. 

The e-mail will contain the:

*Account Holder's name 
*Account number
*RBC transit number
*RBC branch address
*brief recap of these rules.
*instructions to scan or photo the RBC receipt to send by
   email attachment

Expect the teller will ask you for ID.
Minor or secondary ID should be OK.

You must be prepared to scan or photograph the bank receipt 
and send that as email attachment. 
A pic from a cell phone is OK. 
Your image must be legible and cannot be larger than 
1 MB filesize.

Guaranteed fast service is available optionally for $8.

Contact support with any concerns or problems.     Questions? Check the FAQ!

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