Why can't I use a proxy IP when ordering to trade through Western Union?  

Nanaimo Gold does not ask users to create accounts or to show any sort of Identification Documents (ID). Instead, a system of verification based on geography is used to identify potential fraud. Your local IP is needed for a geo-location. Since it is not possible for someone to be in two places at the same time, attempts at third party payments are discovered and stopped. In order to use Western Union money transfer, you have to supply Nanaimo Gold your name and location. Along with a unique number, it's the minimum amount information you can supply and still make the transfer work. To also show your IP is not going to identify you more than your name and city location already does. If you have another reason to fear using your own connection, you can use a local wifi hot spot. Nanaimo Gold considers all local IPs to be acceptable. Nanaimo Gold shares no information with anyone at any time. Office garbage is securely destroyed. Electronic data is parsed and purged and archived encrypted.
Don't worry about revealing your IP when making an order to use Western Union.

How long will my Bitcoin trade take to settle?  

The Bitcoin network takes some time to confirm, usually about half an hour. It's considered normal to take between 10 minutes and 2 hours.

Does Nanaimo Gold accept PayPal? 

No. Nanaimo Gold can pay out Paypal for digital currency sell orders but does not accept Paypal for digital currency buy orders.

Can I pay by credit card? 

No. Nanaimo Gold accepts no payment that can be reversed.

I'm in Canada. Can I send you email money transfer (EMT)? 

No. Like all online spends of national currencies, EMT can be reversed. You may elect to deposit cash at a nearby branch. Cash deposits cannot be charged back.

When will I get my digital currency/dollars? 

Accounts are funded daily, bank deposits are made on working days, Western Union picked up on business days, as required.

How can I speed up my digital currency purchase? 

Use Western Union. If you make the buy order with the same day service option enabled, then send funds and the MTCN before 4 PM Pacific time on work days, days that banks are open, your digital currency account can be funded the same day. Guaranteed fast service

What information do I need to tell Western Union? 

All nessesary information will be delivered to your email shortly after placing the buy order.

Do you accept US funds? 

Yes. Also acceptable are euros and British pounds.

I made a mistake on my order. How can I change it? 

Simply make a new order. It will overwrite the previous one effecting your changes. You can also contact me and ask to cancel or change a pending order.

What is your email address? 

The email address is not published to reduce spam. Please use the form on the contact page to submit questions. The reply will reveal the email address to you.

Do you use ICQ or other instant message (IM) service? 

No. If anyone approaches you by IM claiming to be from Nanaimo Gold, BEWARE. Imposters can only have malice in mind. Never use off site forums or instant messaging. Always use the secure nanaimogold.com website to make trades with Nanaimo Gold.

nanaimogold@yahoo.com is not nanaimogold.com. It's not known who holds this email address or what his intention is. There have been no complsints, but this behavior is indicative of scam. Use only the website to be sure.

What is your privacy policy? 

Nanaimo Gold does not risk getting defrauded and therefore only requires a minimum of information from trading customers. Nanaimo Gold never asks users to show ID. Nanaimo Gold will not reveal anything, to anyone ever, except by order of law.

You will not get spam as a result of communicating with Nanaimo Gold. Paper correspondence and office garbage is carefully secured and routinely destroyed. All email is secured and held encrypted. All communications remain strictly confidential.

All website traffic is protected against snoops with SSL.

How will Nanaimo Gold pay me for digital currency I sell? 

Nanaimo Gold pays for digital currency by

  • Canada Post money order
  • Western Union money order
  • Direct deposit to your Canadian bank account
  • Western Union money transfer
  • MoneyGram International money transfer
  • Paypal
Do you want to invest in this HYIP, surf program or other game? 

No thanks. If you invite me, I won't respond. See HYIP defined for some thoughts on HYIP.

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